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We always aim to produce good looking dogs of correct breed type with excellent temperaments. All relevant health tests are undertaken. We breed sparingly - at most two litters in any one year - and only when we want a puppy ourselves or wish to do a mating that will be useful to us later on. We pride ourselves on the fact that we breed for the breed, not for the bread! 

Our dogs have brains as well as beauty and all are trained as working gundogs as well as show dogs.

If you were looking for Hapsberg Border Terriers or German Wirehaired Pointers you have come to the right place HOWEVER we will not be breeding these anymore. We are always here for help or advice to anyone who has either of those breeds bred by us and should you find yourselves in unfortunate circumstances where you can no longer keep a dog bred by us, we will ALWAYS take responsibility for it. This will never change.

If you were expecting Afterglow Italian Spinone you have also come to the right page.  After many years on the Afterglow affix in partnership with Michael Gadsby we have decided to strike out on our own.  The quality and ethics haven't changed - only the Kennel name - it's still us.

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  • affilato-spinoni@virginmedia.com

Many thanks to the ISCGB (in particular Linda Mayne and Lesley Coldwell) and the late Benita Gower (photograph above is one of hers) for some of the photographs used on this website.