Buying a Puppy from us

We have been breeding Italian Spinoni since 2007 and before that Border Terriers since 2003.  Claire's first litter was of German Wirehaired Pointers in 1995.  That's a combined experience of over 40 years breeding dogs.

Over the years we have bred dogs that have won awards for Top Puppy (several times), Top Italian Spinone (for four years running), Top Brood Bitch and the runner up for Top Gundog Puppy (all breeds) 2019.  We bred the current male breed record holder as well as having successes in Italy, Romania, Holland, South Africa and the USA. We also own a World Winner.

We know what we are talking about when it comes to breeding Italian Spinoni.


We only breed for ourselves and the improvement of the breed is always foremost in our minds.

Our own dogs are primarily our pets and are part of our family.  They all live indoors with us (and the cats) and we never re-home any of our dogs - they are with us for life.

This means that we don't breed very often.

All our dogs are health-tested before breeding. Every puppy will be microchipped, checked by a vet, and come with a small supply of puppy food and a comprehensive information pack. 


Buying a puppy is not like buying a TV. For starters you will have to satisfy us that you are going to (and are able to) provide a lifelong home for what will be a family pet. We need to know you are suitable to be owned by a Spinone not the other way around.

We are available for help and advice for the lifetime of the puppy.  We will always take back any dog at any age if your circumstances change and you cannot look after them any longer. 

If you are suitable and we have a puppy available you will NOT get to pick which one.  We will be picking the one we are keeping first, then potential show homes will be after that. This happens at about 6 - 7 weeks. Only after that will we even start to think about which puppies are going elsewhere.

08 - week seven - photo 7.jpg

We always recommend that you speak with other breeders as well as us. We also suggest you visit the Italian Spinone Club of Great Britain's website as they have a wealth of information on the breed, pedigrees, health testing and show results.

Italian Spinone puppies are incredibly cute and irresistible.  Please understand that they grow very quickly and it is the adult that you have to live with for many years.  For this reason we recommend that you meet adult spinoni before looking at puppies. Attending shows, club events or visiting us (and other breeders) is essential before you decide that this is the breed for you.

We are always happy to discuss the breed with anyone and would prefer to have those conversations long before any potential puppies are on the scene. This includes if you are getting a puppy elsewhere and want to check what other breeders have told you.


We do not keep a list of potential new owners.  There are so many variables in breeding (numbers, colours, sexes) and we can never guarantee puppies in advance. We do not want to discourage anyone from looking elsewhere if they wish.

Please keep an eye on this website as it is likely to be the only place we advertise and we will say when we have a litter expected.  This is normally only when we are sure that the bitch is pregnant (about 4 weeks).


Italian Spinone are a customarily docked breed but in 2006, docking was banned in England and Wales.  However, there was a loop hole where gundogs and terriers could still be docked if their breeder could prove to a vet that they work their dogs.  We own a shotgun license and sporting rights on a grouse moor so we can most definitely give sufficient evidence to get tails docked. 

Initially, we decided to keep tails on to see for ourselves if the dogs did get tail damage (which is why certain breeds were docked in the first place).  We tried three litters undocked and were horrified at the amount of damage their tails incurred. The problem with a split or broken tail is that you can’t tell a dog not to wag it.  They tend not to while the tail is still hurting them but as soon as it starts healing and they’re feeling their happy selves again, the tail wagging starts and you’re back to square one. 

We did have tail injuries from dogs thrashing through cover but in all honesty, that isn’t where they do the majority of the damage.  It’s indoors – against door frames, coffee tables and chair legs.  Once the tail is split or broken, it is astonishing how far the blood goes.  We’ve had to wipe blood off ceilings and walls.  A puppy docked at 3 days old barely even wakes up.  An adult dog having a broken tail amputated has to suffer months of pain and healing.


We sometimes get asked to leave a puppy undocked – guaranteed to be one of the quickest way to get yourself removed from our prospective puppy owner list. 

At 3 days old, we can’t possibly know which puppy we’re keeping, which pups are going into working homes or which pups are going into pet homes so the whole litter is docked.  As explained above, we do it for the dog’s welfare. You’re more than welcome to meet our adult docked dogs to see that they can still wag their tails and demonstrate that they’re happy.


Everyone having a puppy from us will need to sign a contract saying what they and us are agreeing to.  All our puppies will be endorsed as "not to be bred from" and "not to be exported" and these will only be lifted in certain circumstances.

We have a questionnaire to gather information on potential new owners and any answers in this will form part of any contract with us if you do have a puppy. 

This questionnaire can be found on the link below.