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It would be easy to sit back and claim that all our successes in this breed are down to our own genius but that wouldn’t be true. 

Right from the beginning, we were blessed with the most amazing mentors – Mike Gadsby (Afterglow), Linda Collins (Wynsett),  Carole, Mike and Nicola Spencer  (Bannonbrig) and Sally, Stuart and Robyn Griffin (Sanjika) – all of whom were instrumental in helping us learn about this wonderful breed. Nicola Spencer’s breed seminars that she presents for the ISCGB are particularly excellent. 

Then, we have all the stud dog owners to thank.  People who have entrusted us with their bloodlines and enabled us to breed some really fabulous dogs over the years. We’ve been allowed to use truly great dogs owned by Sally, Stuart & Robyn Griffin, Lorraine Rossiter, Mike, Carole & Nicola Spencer, Julie, Mike & Lily Morrell, Mark Sandy, Shona & Denis Williams & Gill McPherson, Sarah Clews & Jessie Towner, Stacey Anderson Belt & Susan Hartman-Dean and Sharon Peacock.

We are also hugely indebted to the Italian Spinone Club of Great Britain for their website ( which is an invaluable resource when planning litters.  In particular, we thank Lesley Coldwell and Linda Mayne for their excellent photography at shows which has helped us massively with putting a pictorial record on this website.

Finally, we thank all our puppy owners for coming on the journey with us.  Wins in the show ring and photos of dogs working are great but it is just as rewarding for us to see healthy, happy dogs living with families who adore them and to be kept updated with their exploits.

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