Litter Born 30th June 2021


Sanjika Siren for Affilato

Affilato Me Myself and I


Week Four

The puppies continue to develop and grow at an amazing pace – last week they were stumbling about the pen with little purpose and were only awake to eat with some half-hearted playing afterwards.  Now they have suddenly become little dogs.  They still spend most of their time asleep but they do wake up and play with each other and their toys in between meals as well. They scamper around the pen with enthusiasm and purpose. They are very curious – wanting to get involved with everything. This is funny and cute but it does make cleaning the pen a constant battle with puppies wanting to “help”.

They have loads of toys now but their favourite is the “babble ball”.  This is a hard ball that they can push around (but not pick up) and every time it moves it speaks or makes a noise.  They find this incredibly entertaining and they chase it around.  Shame that it doesn’t come with a volume control though – we won’t make the mistake of leaving that in the pen overnight again!

We have put them outside on the patio to further expand their horizons and let them have a play.  Normally the first time this happens they act very shocked and hardly move – not this lot though, as you can see from the video they were off exploring and playing straight away.

They have started to develop teeth now as well – they aren’t all the way through yet but they are getting there and by next week they will all have mouths full of hypodermic needles. As you can imagine this is starting to get very uncomfortable for Siren when she is feeding them.  She isn’t in the pen with them for any length of time now and only goes in to feed them – which is still every couple of hours.

The big development in their lives this week though is FOOD! We have started to wean them now and they are on three solid meals – as well as Siren.  I say “solid” but at the moment this is a porridge made of soaked and blended puppy food with a splash of goat’s milk. As you can see they are rather keen on it! We will keep them on three meals each day increasing the size and slowly reduce the time that Siren is in with them.  They have been growing quickly anyway but now they will really accelerate.

Their visitors start this week so that will be more excitement for them.  Remember that we are keeping one and picking for the show ring which won’t happen until just before 8 weeks. This means there is no way we can say which puppy will be going to which home yet. As well as the updates on here we have an Affilato group on Facebook and there are pictures and updates there too.  This group is mainly for owners to share pictures and get advice from us and to stay in touch for the lifetime of the dogs – not just for while they are babies – so if you can please join on the link here - Affilato Facebook Group.  It's also for any breed enthusiasts who just want to share our journey.


Week Three

This has been a busy week for puppies that are only three weeks old.

Although their eyes opened last week they weren't really paying much attention to what they could see (it's all about the nose!). This week their ears have opened as well and they are noticing the world around them.  So we have moved them from the whelping box to a puppy pen so they can see more of the world around them and have started introducing toys.  Even at this age socialisation is very important and the sooner they experience a variety of stimulation and situations the better they will cope later on in life. They are starting to play with each other as well - although this is very clumsy and slow at the moment.  With audio input has come audio output! They are finding their voices, although at the moment when they yap they manage to look surprised and confused about it.

They have been wormed as well and as you can see they are not fans of the taste of that.  To get the dose correct we had to weigh them and there was only 0.2 kg between them - the lightest weighed 1.35kgs and the biggest weighed 1.55kgs.  We also cut their nails when they are wormed as they grow at the same rate as the rest of them - i.e. amazingly fast.

Siren is getting bored with staying in the pen so we are regularly getting her in and out.  The puppies still need to feed every hour or two so we can't let Siren out for very long.  Next week comes weaning so she will be out for longer then.  Mind you the heat hasn't been helping - I am not sure I would want to cuddle up with 6 little hot water bottles for long in this temperature either.  Puppies this age still can't regulate their own temperature very well and normally the issue with puppies is keeping them warm - so we have heat lamps, heat pads, insulated bedding and hot water bottles.  Now the issue has been keeping them cool so they don't overheat.  We have a fan, sunshade (umbrella), water spray and they are on a thin towel rather than fluffy bedding.

We have registered the puppies with the Kennel Club - but we aren't revealing the names (because they have to be checked and verified by the KC first). Every litter we breed has a theme and this litter all have names that are puns!

Every new owner has booked an appointment to visit now.  If you have any newspapers please bring them because we go through them very quickly over the next few weeks.


Week Two

The puppies have all opened their eyes now.  As you can see from the videos they can't walk yet but it's amazing how fast they can motor towards Siren when they smell that she is near.  They cannot hear yet though - that is the next stage.

As they are two weeks old they will get their first dose of wormer (over three days) and their nails cut.

They are doing very well and putting on weight - in fact they have more than doubled in weight over the last two weeks.  This is all on Siren's milk so as you can imagine this takes a lot out of her so she is on more than twice the food what she would normally be on.  Also, to make sure that they are getting all the nutrients they need Siren is being fed on puppy food.

We have had a heart-breaking disaster though this week.  At 12 days old we got up to a puppy that appeared healthy but was crying and wouldn't feed.  Despite everything that we could do she deteriorated within a few hours and died. We think that Siren may have stood on her in the night but we can never know 100% for sure.  This is the downside of breeding - nature is not fair and because they are so small it is not always obvious how we can help or even what is wrong. We have made her prospective owner aware and she has been really understanding. We always think that no dog should ever die without a name so with that in mind -Rest in Peace Amy. 


Week One

Unbelievably the puppies are a week old already - time really flies! They are all gaining weight, are plump and glossy and everything is as it should be at this stage.

They still cannot open their eyes yet but we can see that they are getting looser and it will only be a day or two before they can see.

Siren is being a conscientious mother and tiptoeing around the whelping box - although she does get bored during the day and wants to come and see what's going on elsewhere.  We are still checking on the puppies during the night - just in case - and they are on constant CCTV as well.

At the moment they are all spoken for - pending us meeting all the new owners.  Speaking of which those of you who are potentially providing a new home you need to get in touch to make an appointment to come and see them, Siren and us - after the 28th July when they are 4 weeks old.  

01 - Week One Picture 6_edited.jpg

Day One

Siren has had seven healthy puppies. The labour was a bit more complicated that we expected and we were at the vets for 3 hours overnight.

We have one brown roan dog, two white and orange bitches and four brown roan bitches.

We think they are all spoken for but we are still waiting for some questionnaires so there may be a bitch still available.  

The puppies are all gaining weight and doing well as is mother.

Due to an unforeseen circumstance, this litter has not been docked.

Day one pic 5.jpg